Curious Members

Goren Gordon is the head of the Curiosity Lab. He is a multi-disciplinary researcher with six academic degrees, including a PhD in quantum physics, a PhD in neurobiology and a Master in Business Administration. Goren did his post-doc at the Personal Robots Group, Media Lab, MIT.

Rinat Rosenberg-Kima, Postdoc

Rinat is a postdoc at the Curiosity Lab. She returned to Israel after 10 years in the USA during which she completed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Learning Systems from Florida State University, and a two-year postdoc as a senior assessment specialist as part of a digital science curriculum project at UC Berkeley. She also has an M.A. degree in Psychology from Tel-Aviv University, and a B.A. degree in Computer Sciences and Economics from Tel-Aviv University.  Her greatest passion is learning, helping others to learn, and understanding what learning is (all of which may apply to humans, robots, and the interaction between them).

Omer is in final stages of his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the Tel Aviv University, and is soon to begin his PhD at the Curiosity Lab. In his dissertation, he hopes to explore multi-disciplinary approaches to facilitating robot learning in complex, real environments.

Fascinated by the contrast between the ease in which animals move and the difficulty in making a robot take even one step, Omer's thesis focuses on studying the biomechanics of locusts as inspiration for smart design of miniature jumping robots.

Omer received his BSc Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from the Tel Aviv University. Prior to his academic career, he designed heavy industrial machinery at a leading engineering company, operated and trained Unmanned Air Vehicle pilots around the world, and was certified as a professional baker.

Maor Rosenberg, PhD student

Maor is doing his PhD at the Curiosity Lab. He graduated with a Masters degree in Pure Mathematics and a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, both from Tel-Aviv University. His research interests involve finding mathematical models for human cognition and implementing them in robots. Maor is an active musician, composer, contrabassist and painter. He is also a math therapist working with children facing cognitive and emotional difficulties.

Torr received his BSc in Physics from Tel-Aviv University and MSc in Neurobiology from Haifa University. His MSc thesis focused on understanding how the brain decodes different features of odor. The research combined advanced methods, including electrophysiology and optogenetics on mice. The Curiosity Lab allows Torr to combine his interests and academic background, robotics, neuroscience and physics models.

I am a student at the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program at the University of Tel Aviv. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the Hebrew University, majoring in Mathematics and Philosophy, so it was quite a natural and intuitive switch. Within Industrial Engineering, the combination of Curiosity with Artificial Intelligence enables me to make a fascinating fusion between my previous degree and my current main research interests.

After graduating from Metro West High School in Ra`anana, Keren completed a year of community service at the scouts Garin Reim in Neve Yosef, Haifa. 

Keren enlisted in the IDF in 2008 and was placed in the psych-technical diagnosticians` course, where she conducted psychological assessments of Israeli teenagers as they`re drafted into the IDF. At the StandWithUs(an international, non-profit organization who educate about Israel around the world) Israel Fellowship, Keren was a project manager of an interactive video clip using revolutionary technology by Interlude, the successful Israeli start-up. The video was translated to nine different languages. Keren is currently starting her industrial engineering Master degree at Tel Aviv University, and works as a marketing analyst at a mobile company.

I received my in Physics and Math in Talpiot program from the Hebrew University Of Jerusalem. now i serve in the technology department of the Aviation Force of the IDF.

I am interested in deep issues of education like learning, motivation, guidance, happiness and curiosity. in my research i would like to explore these issues through an analytic eyes, and get vast conclusions about human psychology and brain.

In my free time i watch soccer and play Tennis. one of my favorite hobby is to intrigue my tasting sense by eating in special restaurants and drinking different kinds of wines.

Michal Moran, MSc Student

Michal has overall 10 years of experience in BI and machine learning product management. She holds a B.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering from Shenkar College and are currently working on her Master in Business Analytics at TAU Curiosity Lab. Her research is focused on curiosity in datasets.

Currently. Michal is a machine learning team manager at Intel’s Advanced Analytics department. Michal’s team is focus on a research in the deep learning domain and develop algorithms in a tool that enables easy creation of deep learning models. Prior to this role, Michal held several machine learning product roles at Intel’s Advanced Analytics department.

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